You can hang your hat on it

We’re from Texas, but we weren’t raised in a barn. "Pick up after yourself and always leave a place nicer than you found it" - it's how our Mamas raised us. We were born and bred for this work.

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Saving you headaches since 2020. We match quotes, offer 12 to 48 month contracts and if we say we'll show up, we show up. Our company culture contributes to our high-quality brand, low turnover and a happy team working toward the goal of 100% customer satisfaction. Enjoy the ride with Rodeo Valet!

Taking trash by the the horns

we are Rodeo valet


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We're Mike and Jim, and we've been best friends for over 25 years. We know what it means to show up no matter what, rain or shine. That's the kind of commitment you can count on with Rodeo Valet. Our work ethic comes from our principles: work hard, do what you say you're going to do, and never give up. When you ride with Rodeo Valet, you won't spend another minute worrying about your valet trash service. That's our Texas promise. And you can hang your hat on it.

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