You can hang your hat on it
We’re from Texas, but we weren’t raised in a barn. Pick up after yourself and always leave a place nicer than you found it - this is how our mamas raised us. We were born and bred for this work.

We know that a mess just attracts more mess. We’re committed to cleanliness. We tidy around the dumpsters and pick up loose trash on the property as we come across it. We haul off bulky items as needed. Let’s talk about how we can help keep your property looking the way it should, Rodeo can make it happen.

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You’ve worked hard to set standards for your community. Is your current valet service living up to those standards? We are committed to providing the best valet trash service in Texas. Choose Rodeo Valet and reduce missed pick-ups, dirty containers, trash left around the dumpsters/compactor or loud and late pickups disturbing your residents in the middle of the night.

Taking trash by the the horns


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