Rodeo Valet waste and recycling is an independent contractor that provides valet trash service for multi-family living communities in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Forth Worth and Houston. We take the hassle out of taking the trash out. Valet waste service is an amenity provided worldwide to those seeking to add value to their properties and offer more convenience to their residents. Once Rodeo Valet is contracted, we will faithfully take care of any and all valet waste needs. This ain’t our first rodeo!

This is a question we ask ourselves all the time at Rodeo Valet. We’re continually trying to improve our service and deepen our purpose. Trash is a hands-on business. We handle all of our partners, customers, and employees with intention, respect, and fairness. We’re a small company, but our heart is as big as Texas. We volunteer in our communities and donate to causes committed to cleaning up our planet. Hard work is the only kind of work we know. There’s no slack in our rope.
No problem! We get it. Sometimes it’s easier to keep going with the status quo, but rest assured that once you choose Rodeo Valet we’ll make the switch as easy as pie. Including communicating with your past provider to ensure a smooth transition and onboarding of our services. You and your residents deserve the best!
Actually, this depends on your property’s existing recycling capabilities. If your property has a recycling program in place, we can talk about improving and maximizing the benefits of that program and how to minimize loss within that system. If you don’t currently have a recycling program, we can help start and maintain a recycling program suited to meet your needs and goals. Recycling is the way to go!
Heck yes we do! Not only do we provide exceptional valet waste services, but we do so much more. We offer power washing services to get rid of all those nasty trash trails. We schedule bulky item pick-up and Christmas tree removal whenever you need it. We even offer document disposal to safely and professionally dispose of confidential information. Let us know what you need. We’ll take care of you!